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       ❛ Suggestion? Do you not know who I am ? 

Places hand in his face,
                     pushing him out of her way.

                          ❛      My own sake?
              My dearest nephew is the ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜᴅᴏɢ,
                dear. He’ll surely avenge my death.
               He gets his anger from his mother,
                         very, very ƬЄƦƦƖƑƳƖƝƓ. 
               She once pointed the finger at me.❜

     Now thisisn’t something he expected of an Outsider to do. He is figuratively and literally taken aback — with a hand he rubs his face as if confirming whether it’s still his face or not. 

     —But! That woman should not enter the palace grounds. Not with that kind of attire! Time for a new tactic. The Knave of Hearts then proceeds to block the woman’s path with his signboard, almost pressing the board to her face.



     …So much red. His Majesty would not be pleased. (Well not really considering that hypocrite of a Queen, but—)

    Anyways, kind Madam, I suggest you to leave the palace grounds for your own sake.


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     Anything that is not my sign board.


    Because, honestly, the sign board is a grim reminder of the day he was recruited as a Trump. Oh, the bitter memory.

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